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15th August 2007
Updated results

20th August 2006
Updated results

23rd July 2006
Updated results

11th June 2006
Updated results and added photos of match against Chiv’s XI

26th May 2006
Updated results to date

25th April 2006
Added fixture list for 2006

10th June 2005
Added fixture list for 2005

5th January 2005
Added photos of brewery trip and awards evening

3rd January 2005
Completed results for 2004
Added photo and motion to home page

12th August 2004
Added result of 9th July 2004

22nd July 2004
Added result of 4th July 2004

21st July 2004
Added result of 2nd July 2004

15th June 2004
Added team photos

14th June 2004
Added result of 11th June 2004

10th June 2004
Updated remaining fixtures for 2003 and all to date for 2004

18th June 2003
Added results of 30th May, 6th and 13th June

27th May 2003
Added result of knockout match.

18th May 2003
Added changes page and result of first match.

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